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Episode 1: "Prop Two"

A ballot proposition to legalize marijuana threatens to undermine Chris & Jeremy's entire operation.

Episode 2: "Focus Group"

Chris & Jeremy solicit six loyal stoners for advice on keeping their weed business afloat.

Episode 3: "The Costco of Weed"

Inspired by advice from a fellow business owner, Chris & Jeremy head to the local dispensary to see what all the fuss is about.

Episode 4: "The Comeback Kids"

In need of a break from Chris, Jeremy sneaks away to his college reunion... Chris tags along.

Episode 5: "Dark Side of the Moon"

Surprised by an unexpected threat, Chris & Jeremy get serious about protecting their livelihood.

Episode 6: "Coma Punch"

Chris & Jeremy finally confront the enemy only to learn something that changes everything.

Episode 7: "A Little Bit of Immunity"

At the end of their rope, Chris & Jeremy seek help from the ultimate enemy: the law.

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